COVID-19 Vaccination Update

As you may be aware the Prime Minister made an announcement on the changes to the COVID vaccination programme in light of the critical point the country is at in the pandemic. The announcement outlined the decision to delay the second dose of the COVID vaccine in order to prioritise first doses for as many eligible people as possible on the priority list, with the view that this will have the greatest impact on reducing mortality, severe disease and hospitalisations and will therefore protect the NHS and other health services.

The new medical advice is that the second dose of the vaccine remains effective when given up to 12 weeks after the first dose, and should be given towards the end of this 12 week period.

If you are due to have your second COVID vaccination between the 5th- 7th January, please attend this appointment as planned-we do not want vaccine to go to waste (due to the short time frame we are not able to cancel pre-booked appt’s and then rebook new patients). If you are due to have your second COVID vaccine between the 8th January and the 21st January these appointments are cancelled in line with the National Government directive. You will be contacted to book your second vaccination between 9-12 weeks from your 1st Vaccination.

It is important to note that even when you have received your vaccine, you must continue to follow government guidance on social distancing and wearing a mask, as well as the additional measures in place in your area.

If you have not yet been invited for your COVID vaccination, the NHS will let you know when it is your turn to have it. We know lots of people are eager to have the vaccine, but we are asking please wait to be called, our receptionists are unable to book appointments for this and it will be unlikely that they can answer any questions about this at the current time. Please look for updates on our website.

Further information can be found on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine page on the NHS website.