Merton’s Month Off Booze – Take a healthy challenge and join the Merton MOB

Recognising that many of Merton’s residents’ drinking has increased during the COVID-19 lockdown, WDP Merton are piloting a new initiative aimed at people who would like to take an alcohol-free challenge, and reflect on their longer-term relationship with alcohol.

The course is delivered as a daily email covering a range of down-to-earth topics written by professional alcohol specialists. Topics include ‘how to relax without alcohol’, ‘alcohol and sleep’, ‘alcohol and productivity’, ‘alcohol, moods and emotions’ and ‘identifying drinking triggers’.

Where relevant to the topic, the daily emails also include information and links to local services such as Social Prescribing, One You Merton, and Merton Uplift. Optionally, individuals who are receiving the email content can also attend a weekly Zoom group and/or have personal check-ins with their own ‘MOB Coach’ from WDP Merton.

For more information, and to register your interest, please visit